Canada Man - Lac-Mégantic Xtreme Triathlon, committed to eco-responsibility!

Let’s respect nature, our natural outdoor activity setting!

Swimming, running, and pedaling in a challenging natural environment is a passion we all share.

If we want to continue to enjoy this natural environment, we must preserve it! What’s more, to be welcomed by the inhabitants of the various territories we visit for exciting outdoor activities, we must respect them.

From the very beginning, Canada Man – Lac-Mégantic has been driven to respect natural environments and several measures have been taken in this direction: an environmentally-friendly course design, biodegradable or reusable containers for meals, encouraging participants to use water access points instead of bottled water, use of a drone instead of a helicopter to reduce energy consumption, use of local resources…

In partnership with Altitude, a French agency, Endurance Aventure aims to reinforce its eco-responsibility through the development of a Charter that will be built on four principles:

  • +Eco-responsible management of purchases, energy and water, garbage…
  • + Respect for the natural environment and landscapes
  • +Participation of the local population
  • +Contribution to territorial development

As we build on already existing assets, the process will be improved and completed over the years.

This commitment involves the mobilization of all relevant players, most of all the event’s participants. We are counting on them to set forth great sports-related performances, but also to help us perform in terms of eco-responsibility!