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4-5 July / 4-5 juillet 2020

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Extreme triathlon
Canada Man / Woman

Canada Man / Canada Woman is the ultimate long-distance triathlon! It pays tribute to the first Canadians who successfully adapted to nature’s harsh elements and made Quebec’s forests and expansive territory their homeland and livelihood.

Canada Man/Canada Woman differs from the classic long-distance triathlon where thousands of volunteers are present to support you at every turn. As in pioneer life, you will have only yourself to rely on throughout the many sections apart from the support of your limited assistance team and your best friend. The latter will follow you throughout this marathon that will unfold in the heart of the Canadian forest.


The Canada Man – Woman will offer places for the Xtri World Championship to be held in Norway. In addition, all finishers will be entered into the draw to win one of the four (4) places available for the next Norseman.

We will give 4 slots for the World Championships (1st and 2nd men and women) and 4 random slots in the draw for the regular Norseman among all Canada Man-Woman finishers.

Norseman is the original extreme triathlon and has been the only one for many years. The XTRI World Tour was founded in order to secure that the Norseman’s legacy and values live on through like-minded events around the globe. The Canada Man/Woman is proud to be part of this unique series!

Since 2019, the XTRI World Championships have been held on the first Saturday of August. The Championships will be held simultaneously at the Norseman on the original course from Eidfjord to Mount Gausta.

The XTRI World Tour 2020 includes the following races: Norseman, Celtman, Swissman, Alaskaman, Canada Man/Woman, Swedeman and Janosik, Icon, Hispaman and Patagonman.

Teaser 2017

Summary 2018

Summary 2017

A breathtaking course in the heart of the Canadian forest and mountains


0 km

swimming on Lake Mégantic with a departure at dawn.


0 km

cycling the road of the Summits with a course of 2500 m of positive elevation


0 km

road and trails racing with an ultimate arrival at the summit at the Mont Mégantic Observatory and 1500 meters of positive elevation!


0 m+

2500 metres of positive elevation by bike and 1500 metres of positive elevation in running.

Canada Man / Woman :

Merci aux partenaires de l'événement

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