Sunday October 6, 2024
XTri and SoloPointFive Registration

Edition 7

Seventh edition 2024 of the CanadaManWoman and Solo Point Five triathlons in the XTriWorldTour series. This year, the adventure will take place at the start of the autumn season on October 6,2024!

The Canada Man/Woman XTRI and Solo Point Five are unique long-distance triathlons that test not only physical strength, but also determination and courage. Some might say it’s too risky, too cold, even dangerous to take on this challenge… we think it’s a wonderful opportunity to surpass yourself and discover your true abilities!

We’re looking for intrepid athletes ready to step out of their comfort zone and embark on a unique adventure.

Registration opens in a few days… with 80 places available for the Canada Man/Woman and 100 places for the Solo Point Five. Don’t miss this chance to be part of an extraordinary experience.

Take up the challenge, sign up now and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in October!

Opening of the registrations




Solo . 5

Two triathlons in the XTriWorldTour series


0 km
0 km

Swimming section in Lac Mégantic with a dawn start.


0 km
0 km

cycling route along the Route des Sommets.


0 km
0 km

Road and trail running, finish at Mont Mégantic!


0 m +
0 m +

Total accumulated positive altitude difference

Edition 2024… a new season for CanadaManWoman!

For this 7th edition, the CanadaManWoman triathlon is switching to autumn colors! Here are a few highlights for this calendar change…

  • Lac-Mégantic and the surrounding area are particularly beautiful in autumn. Participants and spectators alike will enjoy a spectacular landscape of brightly colored foliage, adding a unique aesthetic dimension to the event.
  • Holding the event in October allows athletes who have competed during the summer to recuperate and prepare for a new challenge.
  • Roads and trails are generally in good condition in October, offering safe and pleasant running conditions.
  • With the days getting shorter in October, participants will have the unique opportunity to experience part of the race in night-time conditions, adding an extra element of adventure and challenge.
  • For athletes, taking part in an event in October can be a great way to wrap up the current season and start preparing for the next.

Film edition 2021

If you have any doubts about your ability to take on the Canada Man/Woman XTRI and Solo Point Five challenges, we invite you to view the program produced in 2021, which highlights people of all ages and abilities who have taken up and succeeded in this daring challenge.

What we promise is an authentic, demanding and incredibly rewarding experience. It’s a chance to push yourself, discover new limits and soak up the adventurous spirit of these triathlons.

Don’t let other people’s doubts or opinions define your limits. Join us and create your own extraordinary story in 2024.

TV broadcasters

Broadcasters : airlines

Broadcasters: magazines and web

As an organizer, we’d like to describe Canada Man/Woman, but we don’t think we’re in the best position to do it!

Invitation for elites

Ten invitations will be offered to elite triathletes to compete at Canada Man/Woman 2023!

Invitation for the media

Invitations for media who wish to cover an extraordinary international sporting event.

Caroline Livesey, United Kingdom, winner of the Canada Man/ Woman. “Gross, extraordinary, exhilarating. The race was brutal, it was beautiful, relentless and as hard physically as anything I’ve ever done. It is difficult to describe the unique beauty of the landscapes, the endless roads and the huge lakes surrounded by steep and wooded hills. You have to live it to believe it. »

Benoit Wilmet, Belgium:

“Of course, the noisy arrival at the Bay of Sands under the encouragement of the crowd brings us out of the few minutes of torpor spent in the lake.

Of course, the start of swimming in the dark waters of Lac-Mégantic is sure to impress many triathletes and spectators.

Of course the bike route is the image of your region, demanding and beautiful.

Of course running is a terrible effort and offered us an alternation of suffering and wonder.

Of course the mutual aid between teams and athletes is a eulogy to sportsmanship.

Of course the arrival under the stars is a must.

BUT what makes your ordeal an ordeal like no other is the population of your region. Starting with you ubiquitous organizers before, during and after the triathlon. Always ready to give encouragement or a smile. Starting with you, the omnipresent organizers before, during and after the triathlon. Always ready to give an encouragement or a smile.

But also to all those people we met along the way who unfailingly encouraged us from the first to the last with a trumpet, a bell or a war cry urging us not to let go.


Canada Man / Woman : intense wild beautiful sauvage beautiful

A breathtaking course in the heart of the Canadian forest and mountains


Registrations are open!

Solo Point Five


Registrations are open!


Thank you to the event sponsors

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