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As an organizer, we’d like to describe Canada Man/Woman, but we don’t think we’re in the best position to do it!

Caroline Livesey, United Kingdom, winner of 2019 Canada Man/ Woman.

“Gross, extraordinary, exhilarating. The race was brutal, it was beautiful, relentless and as hard physically as anything I’ve ever done. It is difficult to describe the unique beauty of the landscapes, the endless roads and the huge lakes surrounded by steep and wooded hills. You have to live it to believe it. »

Benoît Wilmet, Belgium

“Of course the wind is an ideal and emotional prelude to the day’s effort.

Of course, the start of swimming in the dark waters of Lac-Mégantic does not fail to impress a good number of triathletes and spectators. minutes of torpor spent in the lake.

Of course the bike route is the image of your region, demanding and beautiful.

Of course running is a terrible effort and offered us an alternation of suffering and wonder.

Of course the mutual aid between teams and athletes is a eulogy to sportsmanship.

Of course the arrival under the stars is a must.

BUT what makes your ordeal an ordeal like no other is the population of your region. Starting with you ubiquitous organizers before, during and after the triathlon. Always ready to give encouragement or a smile. Starting with you, the omnipresent organizers before, during and after the triathlon. Always ready to give an encouragement or a smile.

But also to all those people we met along the way who unfailingly encouraged us from the first to the last with a trumpet, a bell or a war cry urging us not to let go.


Perhaps it’s all these reasons that Canada Man/Woman was crowned a #1 race to do in Canada by Triathlon Magazine Canada!

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Refund policy

The organization does not offer a refund. Cancellation insurance can be obtained at the time of registration.


The Canada Man / Canada Woman: Intense – Wild – Beautiful

A breathtaking course amid the Canadian forest and mountains that will push you to successively complete:


0 km

2.0 km of swimming on Lac Mégantic with a departure at dawn.


0 km

180 km of biking along the Route des Sommets with an elevation gain of 2500 m


0 km

42 km of running along roads and trails with the ultimate finish line at the summit of Mont-Mégantic…an elevation gain of 1 200 m by the time you reach the Mont-Mégantic Observatory!

Take the start of Canada Man / Woman and reach the stars before midnight!

Race manual and rules

It is essential to read, understand and reread the race manual. All the essential information is found there. There are important new elements for 2020 including: There are important new elements for 2021 including:

The open water buoy is mandatory

You can download the CAXTRI 2021 Race Manual

***Important – Latest modifications***

Note that the race day schedule is incorrect in the race manual.

The Canada Man/Woman Triathlon is recognized by the Quebec Triathlon Federation.

You can read the summary of the Specific Regulations for Canada Man/Woman – Lac Mégantic in the race manual.

Age groups and categories

Individual categories men/women

18 to 24 years old
25 to 29 years old
30 to 34 years old
35 to 39 years old
40 to 44 years old
45 to 49 years old
50 to 54 years old
55 to 59 years old
60 to 64 years old
65 to 69 years old
70 years old and over

Medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each category as well as the top three overall individual male and female finishers. The minimum age for sprint triathlons is 16.

An extraordinary experience
that you will never forget!


Friday, July 5

Saturday, July 6

Sunday, July 7

* All information, schedules and procedures are subject to change according to the instructions of public health and triathlon Quebec.


Thank you to the event sponsors

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