Have you been thinking about Canada Man/Woman for a few years now and thinking that it’s completely crazy? Do your family or friends tell you it would be a bad idea to sign up, but a little voice tells you it sounds right for you? If so, the SOLO POINT FIVE Canada is surely for you!

With a 2km swim, 90km bike and 20km run, the XTRI SOLO POINT FIVE CANADA is a shorter course, but comparable to the Canada Man/Woman in its beauty and intensity.



* Taxes not included

Refund policy

Until 31/12 : 90% refundable
Until 28/02 : 50% refundable
Until 30/04 : 30% refundable
From 1/05 Non refundable
*TriReg’s service fees arenot refundable

The registration includes

Category race Men Women

18 to 24 years old
25 to 29 years old
30 to 34 years old
35 to 39 years old
40 to 44 years old
45 to 49 years old
50 to 54 years old
55 to 59 years old
60 to 64 years old
65 to 69 years old
70 years old and over

Course & Distance


0 km

2 km swim in Lake Megantic with a start at dawn at the Baie-des-Sables park in Lac-Mégantic


0 km

90 km of cycling on the magnificent route des Sommets with a positive altitude difference of over 1200 meters!


0 km

20 km of running, mostly on trails, with the finish at the top of Mont-Mégantic and a positive altitude difference of 1200 meters!

The courses will be available on the site soon.

Supply and assistance logistics

Race manual & schedule

Race manual

The 2023 Solo Point Five Triathlon Race Manual is now available. It is the reference document for triathlon. Take the time to read it to make the most of your experience at the event. Happy reading…


Friday June 30th

Saturday, July 1nd

Sunday, July 2nd

* All information, schedules and procedures are subject to change according to the instructions of public health and triathlon Quebec.

Monday July 3rd


Supply & assistance

  • Transition 1: The athlete may receive assistance in Transition 1.
  • Bike refreshments: The organization will offer one (1) refreshment station at km 40. Please note that motorized vehicles are not allowed on the bike course.
  • Running:

    The athlete must receive assistance at transition 2 (Bike/Run). The organization does not take care of the bikes.

  • Arrival: The organization offers shuttles from the top of the mountain to the base (SEPAQ Welcome Center). It is the athlete’s responsibility to arrange transportation home after the triathlon.
  • Access to the summit of Mont-Mégantic: It will be possible for your additional companions to use the shuttle to get to the summit. However, you must It is mandatory to have paid their access fee before boarding. Here is the link to pay your access fee in advance: https: // It is also possible to get there on foot (5 km). Note that it is forbidden to go to the summit with your own vehicle.

Elite invitation

The XTRI SOLO POINT FIVE CANADA organization is very aware of the importance of hosting elite level triathletes in order to grow the sport and raise its profile in the media.

For athletes who are at the forefront of triathlon, this is an opportunity to have excellent media coverage, as a television show of the event is produced and broadcast in more than 100 countries. In addition, the XTRI SOLO POINT FIVE CANADA is covered by over 120 print, web and radio media.

Want to experience the XTRI SOLO POINT FIVE CANADA? Contact us to apply for one of the international elite packages:

The Canada Man / Canada Woman: Intense – Wild – Beautiful

A breathtaking course amid the Canadian forest and mountains that will push you to successively complete:

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